View Full Version : 3.8 pulley kit

04-19-2006, 04:25 AM
my friend and i JUST installed the motoblue pulley kit. the kit contains and smaller crank pulley and also a fraction larger water pump pulley. anyway, here is the question. the instructions dont mention a thing about the water pump pulley right?! ok so as we install it we dicide that we will put the new WP pulley on as well and then the belt. well when we finally ran the belt (came with the kit by the way) we noticed that the belt was making contact with the small pulley at the top of the block. i didnt think that was rite so i took off the new pulley and put the stock back on. well after doing that my friend was soooo happy that he could start his car. came on no probem and no noises whatsoever. HOWEVER, i noticed the belt was moving an aweful lot on the small pulley at the top ( the one with no teeth, just smooth.) we are talking if he revved, he would have had teh belt slip off. so i showed him and we dicided to hellsinky with it and we took off teh stock AGAIN and placed the new one on. well we still had rubbing but at least teh belt wasnt moving like it was with the stock piece on it. my question is this, what was the rite move. should both have been put on, or just the crank pulley. thank goodness he lives down the street so he really hasnt had a chance to pound hard on it. catch it before he does some damage to the engine. thanks.