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04-02-2004, 01:20 PM
Fuse locations on a 2000 Mustang:

Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel.


The fuses are coded as follows:

Fuse/Relay Fuse Amp Description

Location Rating

1 20A Cigar Lighter

2 20A Engine Controls

3 Not Used

4 10A RH Low Beam Headlamp

5 15A Instrument Cluster, Traction Control Switch

6 20A Starter Motor Relay

7 15A GEM, Interior Lamps

8 20A Engine Controls

9 Not Used

10 10A LH Low Beam Headlamp

11 15A Back-Up Lamps

12 Not Used

13 15A Electronic Flasher

14 Not Used

15 15A Power Lumbar

16 Not Used

17 15A Speed Control Servo, Shift Lock Actuator

18 15A Electronic Flasher

19 15A Power Mirror Switch, GEM, Anti-Theft Relay, Power Door Locks, Door Ajar Switches

20 15A Convertible Top Switch

21 5A Instrument Cluster and Engine Control Memory

22 Not Used

23 15A A/C Clutch, Defogger Switch

24 30A Climate Control Blower Motor

25 25A Luggage Compartment Lid Release

26 30A Wiper/Washer Motor, Wiper Relays

27 25A Radio

28 15A GEM, Overdrive Cancel Switch

29 15A ABS Module

30 15A DRL Module

31 10A Data Link Connector

32 15A Radio, CD Player, GEM

33 15A Stop Lamp Switch, Speed Control Deactivation Switch

34 20A Instrument Cluster, CCRM, Data Link Connector, Securilock Transceiver Module

35 15A Shift Lock Actuator, PCM, Speed Control Servo, ABS Module

36 15A Airbag Control Module

37 10A Adjustable Illumination

38 20A Highbeams

39 5A GEM

40 Not Used

41 15A Brake Lamp

42 Not Used

43 20A CB Power Windows

44 Not Used

The high-current fuses are coded as follows:

Under hood fuse box location.


Fuse/Relay Fuse Amp Description

Location Rating

Relay 1 Fog Lamp Interrupt

Relay 2 Int. Wiper

Relay 3 Wiper HI/LO

Relay 4 Starter

Relay 5 Fog Lamps

1 50A** (4.6L), 30A CB (3.8L) Electric Cooling Fan Motor

2 30A** Headlamps

3 40A** Starter Motor Relay, Ignition Switch

4 40A** Ignition Switch

5 40A** Ignition Switch

6 40A** Instrument Cluster, PCM

7 30A** Secondary Air Injection (3.8Lonly)

8 50A** ABS Module

9 20A** Auxiliary Power Point

10 30A** Parklamps

11 30A** Rear Window Defrost Control

12 40A** Power Windows, Power Locks

13 Not Used

14 20A* Fuel Pump

15 10A* Radio

16 20A* Horn

17 20A* Anti-Lock Brake System

18 30A* Power Seats

19 Not Used

20 20A* Generator

21 Not Used

22 Not Used

23 Not Used

24 20A* A/C Pressure (3.8L only)

25 Not Used

26 30A** PCM

27 20A** DRL Module, Foglamp Relay

28 25A CB Convertible Top

* Mini Fuses ** Maxi Fuses