View Full Version : Problem with Focus pump

Tim Russell
06-08-2008, 12:42 PM
I need some help from those that have worked with the returnless intank pumps. Yesterday I went to install a Focus pump and I ran into a problem. The fuel pump that is in my car now has a taller outlet pipe than the Focus pump. This means that the pipe on the Focus pump doesn't fully seat into the pickup tube (the part that goes over the pump outlet pipe and the plastic tube next to it). The pickup tube on my fuel basket rises up for the taller fuel pipe, the one that came with the focus pump is flat. Can anyone in parts or if they have one out of their car look at the pickup tube on a 99-04 Mustang pump and tell me what it looks like, the one I have the fuel pump fitting is higher than the fitting on that goes on the plastic tube next to it.

EDIT: Found a pic of the OEM pump assembly and the problem is the aftermarket replacement I have. The pickup tube isn't the same as the OEM. Getting an OEM assmbly and all will be good.

06-10-2008, 11:11 AM
Might want to check at a dealer, there was a fuel pump recall on some models.

Tim Russell
06-10-2008, 02:53 PM
No, this was a case of stupid me trying to save a buck on a fuel pump assembly a couple of years back. The one on the car now is not an OEM unit and so the pickup tube is different. Here's a pic of an OEM one:

If you enlarge the picture the part I call the pickup tube has got the green line on the right fitting and the fitting next to it (with the pump wires passing over it). You can see that in the OEM assembly the two fittings are the same hight. The aftermarket one I have is molded so that the pump fitting is higher and the outlet tube of the pump is longer. I should get the OEM assembly later this week and so solve my problem. Last time I try to save a buck using a cheap part, I end up buying the same part twice. :mad: When the stock pump went out I should have gone Focus pump then and avoided all this. Live and learn as usual.