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Default My new project. Need some advice.

Hello all. My name is Matt and I am new to MMA. I am new to building cars. I have worked on cars for years, but never really built one for racing, but I have had four different Fox Body Mustangs. The fox body mustang is one of my favorite cars ever made. I am getting ready to start on my suspension and chassis very soon. When I am done I hope to have a car that will be in the 9.5 range. I would like to keep my car "street-able" at the same time.

I have thought about purchasing one of the Maximum Motorsport kits, but I am not sure that a package is the best way to go, maybe the most economical, but not the best. Of Course I would like to do all the typical stuff: K member, coil over shocks, upper and lower control arms, caster camber plates, roll cage, sub-frame connectors, strut tower brace and so on.

My plan is to switch to a manual rack as well; I am not sure if this is a very smart move or not. I know I will drop some weight if I do.

I guess if anyone has some ideas for components other than a Maximum Motor Sport kit I would appreciate them. There are so many options out there I am just not sure what is the best.

After the chassis I will move on to the drive train. This is where I will realize there is no such thing as enough money. I have never built a motor, so I have been looking at turnkey engines. I am pretty sure I could drop the better part of a years salary on it. Right now I have a five speed, what is the best way to go automatic or manual for a transmission?
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