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Originally Posted by Greg@GLD View Post
Awesome and congrats on the new edition!!

My pix are in need of updates. We sold that red GTO quite awhile ago and replaced it with a 1966 GTO ragtop 4-speed car. The Judge has been transformed into a trailer-queen show car... Still have the GT500, Nice Asp and Missie has a black 1990 GT ragtop...
Thank You

I still have the red 89 GT Vert. It has been a work in progress this summer. Doing a full cobra brake conversion, and maximum motorsports suspension. Of course I didnt get a chance to work on it as much as I needed to, but thats hopefully what winter is for. Glad to hear you still have Nice Asp that car takes me back to the good ole days, following the guys with the fast cars to AO Smith and other places
89 Mustang GT Vert
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