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Default My battle with the fuel filler neck 2001 Bullitt

So putting gas in the Bullitt the other day and I see a small drip of gas coming out by the filler neck near the tank. It didn't leak while driving or parked. Just when putting gas in. At first I thought it was the filler neck seal at the tank. After using all the gas in the tank, I order a new seal and started to take it apart to make sure it was the seal.

First I removed the plastic split loom that was wrapped around the filler neck to find a bunch of rust fall out of it. That confirmed my thought that it was the filler neck not the seal. Getting the filler neck out is a HUGE PITA. Luckily the tank was almost empty because you have to drop it down. After removing all the bolts and plastic filler panels in the 1/4 panel, it will not come out until you drop the entire tank down. This is due to the filler neck going really far into the tank with the anti-siphon valve.

I then tried looking up a new filler neck. Dorman shows one under part number 577-104 but no one had a price for it or an SKU. Not even Rock Auto. So a piece of fiberglass mat, a lot of Seals All and some black paint and so far so good.

Just thought I would share my experience. My car was only driven in the winter by the original owner the first 5 years of it's life. But it still gets driven in the rain sometimes. If you have an SN95, it might be a good idea to remove that split loom and inspect the tube. It might be better to just leave the loom off so it doesn't hold moisture.
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